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4 Stages to Success


Our Recruitment Process

Stage 1

Getting to Know You

We work hard to truly understand our clients, your brand, company culture, personalities, and work environments, as well as your competitors and the marketplace. Our efforts not only find the candidate you are seeking, but also one that will better your business. Dan and his team may visit your workplace, meet with stakeholders, ask detailed questions about your hiring successes and failures, and get to know what works for your company and what doesn’t. 

Stage 2

Defining Your Candidate

Now that we know your brand, we dig deep to thoroughly understand the skill set and competencies required for the position. The Talent Shop team will interview company leadership to establish your must-haves, your nice-to-haves, and your can-not-haves for the candidate. This information, combined with everything we have learned about your company, is our basis to develop a refined and specific candidate profile. Much more than a typical job description, your candidate profile will be instrumental in finding the right candidate.  

Stage 3

Research & Discovery

The Talent Shop prides itself on our process for uncovering talent for your company. With our special blend of established food & beverage connections nationwide, novel discovery tactics, hospitality industry wisdom, and innovative assessment systems, we are confident in every candidate we send to a client. We seek passive hires, candidates who are currently employed and not currently on the job market. Once we have identified a candidate, we put them through a two-tiered assessment process to assess each candidate’s competency and cultural fit. The first assessment examines their behavioral and developmental skill set and professional approach, and the second assessment determines if they are capable of doing the job. 

The candidate pool that is left earns The Talent Shop seal of approval. 

Stage 4

Recommendation & Placement

We recommend our approved and vetted candidates, providing detailed information on why we think they are a good fit for the position and for your company. We arrange interviews and provide consultation through your entire review and hiring process. Recommended candidates are truly recommendations we are putting our name on, and if the hire is unsuccessful, or fails within 90 days of placement, we guarantee to find you a replacement candidate. 


Our Model Makes Us Different

At The Talent Shop, our recruitment team provides unmatched expertise, candidate placement, and talent advisory services for companies, agencies, and corporations nationwide.


Tired of the typical hiring path with long timelines, big fees, haphazard results, culling through dozens of unqualified resumes, and reviewing recycled candidates? Let The Talent Shop help you.  


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