Up to 80% of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

Harvard Business Review 

The Talent Shop. Experts in recruiting and placing just right talent in restaurants and across the hospitality industry nationwide.



The Talent Shop uses an engaged search model, with proven effectiveness and success, to find the just right fit for your company culture and brand. Jill Gardner – who some call the Goldilocks of recruiting – has a tenacious and thorough four-stage process to understand your specific needs, your culture, and your brand. Her team assesses candidate competency and fit for each position, working to determine the best possible match for the position, creating a win-win for the client and the candidate.

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 Thorough four-stage




If you are tired of the typical hiring path with its long timelines, big fees with no results or seemingly haphazard results, or culling through dozens of unqualified resumes littering your inbox, and reviewing recycled, uncommitted candidates, try our engaged search.


At The Talent Shop, we have a documented track record of finding just the right candidate with a diverse range of satisfied clients.


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Once you hire The Talent Shop, our engaged search unfolds, a four-stage process unlike any other recruitment model. A hybrid between a retained and contingency search, we ask for a deposit up front, a percentage of your final cost, to cover our detail-oriented and in-depth process of research and discovery. Our search is fully guaranteed. We work until we find your candidate, and if the placement fails within 90 days of placement, we work to find you another viable candidate.