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At The Talent Shop, Jill Gardner and her team provide methodical, thorough, and effective recruitment like no other. They get to know their clients and their needs, providing as close to in-house recruiting as possible, with the added wealth of years of recruitment expertise and a network of restaurant and hospitality industry contacts, restaurant staffing partners, and clients at all levels from across the nation.


With a proven track record, The Talent Shop works to recommend your just right candidates who will contribute to your company’s culture, develop in their roles, and have the dedication and ability to push your bottom line forward.




Tenacious and achievement-driven, Jill Gardner is the President of The Talent Shop and the force behind our innovative engaged search model and its unparalleled success. With a degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and a career recruiting in the hospitality industry, Jill’s expertise and intuitive sense are a rare and highly productive combination in the recruitment industry. 

Working as a recruiter for both restaurant companies and luxury hotel brands, she has staffed new restaurants, filled salaried positions from restaurant crews to managerial teams to corporate level jobs, and staffed hotel teams from the ground up. Jill is well known for not stopping until she finds the right person for the job, bringing her tenacity, experience, and dedication to all of her clients and potential candidates. 



Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist 


Gordy has over 20 years of experience in recruiting for the restaurant industry.  He is persistent in finding candidates that our clients want to meet. He was the driving force behind us hiring over 40 Managers and Area Leaders for one of the most successful and loved fast casual brands in the USA.  


Recruiting Coordinator

MaryAnn Fulco-Tierney

VP of Talent Development

With over 20 years’ experience as a talent management leader, MaryAnn has a deep understanding of the talent lifecycle and how to build a talent "framework" that drives culture, engagement, and organizational capability. An industry veteran, MaryAnn has held leadership positions within a variety of top hospitality companies, from private growth-stage to public global. Notable brands include MGM Resorts International, Morton’s Restaurant Group, and Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants. As an integral member of The Talent Shop team, MaryAnn brings value to our clients who are seeking next-step talent solutions to leverage and maximize their people investment.